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Our product is an Ionic/Colloidal Silver Blend. This is by far the finest grade of pharmaceutical strength silver available on the market today.

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Hippocrates, the “father of medicine” wrote that silver had beneficial healing and anti-disease properties, and the Phoenicians stored water, wine, and vinegar in silver bottles to prevent spoiling. In the early 20th century, people would put silver coins in milk bottles to prolong the milk’s freshness. Its germicidal effects increased its value in utensils and as jewelry. The exact process of silver’s germicidal effect is still not entirely understood. Silver is widely used in topical gels and impregnated into bandages because of its wide-spectrum anti-microbial activity. The anti-microbial properties of silver stem from the chemical properties of its ionized form, Ag+. This ion forms strong molecular bonds with other substances used by bacteria to respire, such as molecules containing sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen. When the Ag+ ion forms a complex with these molecules, they are rendered unusable by the bacteria, depriving them of necessary compounds and eventually leading to their death.

Our product is an Ionic/Colloidal Silver Blend. This is by far the finest grade of pharmaceutical strength silver available on the market today. It is a superior golden yellow, inspected by laser, lab tested and perfected. Pure .999 silver is reduced to the finest ions or colloids and combined ONLY with pharmaceutical quality distilled water. GFY solutions of CS are produced with superior electro-ionic and electro-colloidal technology, are salt and catalyst free, have no additives or stabilizers. Ionic silver is defined as a concentration of silver ions suspended in highly purified water where the majority of the solution is comprised of positively charged silver atoms.  Ions are smaller in size that colloids of silver. Colloidal silver is defined as a concentration of nano-sized particles of silver suspended in highly purified water where the majority of the solution is non-ionic, pure silver metal where there are no other additives such as citric acid, fulvic acid and/or proteins/polymers. This means pure silver metal and pure water, nothing more. The average particle size of our Colloidal silver is between 8-9 nanometers, as verified by TEM (transmission electron microscopy).

Please beware of solutions claiming high ppm. Some solutions claim to have solutions as high as 200ppm, which usually means its a solution that incorporates citric/fulvic acid. A common problem with this type of solution is the risk of Argyria (a cosmetic skin condition – blue skin ) if taken internally and abused in dosage and frequency. Other solutions claim up to 2,500-10,000 ppm. These are usually protein/polymer based and are found to have much larger silver complexes, with only a tiny fraction of the silver content actually smaller than 10-25 nanometers in size. Silver complexes (or particles) larger than this are not desireable.  GFY solution produces an average particle size of 8.4 nm.

Never use a solution that appears cloudy, or that has changed color from yellow to clear. Do not freeze, as this can damage the quality of the solution.

UNDERSTANDING PPM:  Ions are the only form of silver that can be measured with a ppm meter. GFY starts with a base solution of 0 ppm distilled water, and the solution is considered final when it reaches between 16-18 ppm. There is always an additional concentration of silver (approx 2-4ppm) in the form of silver oxide that forms from the reaction between the oxygen in the water and the silver ions, called silver oxide, which is not measurable with standard equipment.  It is also normal to expect a 25%-50% drop in (measurable) ppm over the course of 1 week (for Ionic or Ionic/Colloidal blends) as some of the silver ions will continue combining with the free oxygen in the water (converting them into non-measurable silver oxide). It is important to remember that no silver is actually lost when the ppm drops, rather a percentage of the silver ions are simply converted.

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