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Naturally Flavored Toothpaste.
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Have you ever actually read the warning labels and ingredients on a normal tube of toothpaste from the grocery or drug store?  Most of them say that if you (or your child) swallows more than what is normally swallowed during brushing your teeth, you need to contact your doctor or poison control center.  

Our mouth is one of the places in our body where huge amounts of absorption happens... why are we dosing ourselves several times per day with small amounts of poison when we brush our teeth?  Do your actually monitor (or know if) your kids eat or swallow the toothpaste that is made to taste yummy, yet extremely poisonous?  Fluoride is several times more poisonous than mercury or arsenic.... did you know that?

Our toothpaste has excellent cleaning power for a toothpaste as well as it oxygenates the gums to help maintain good oral hygiene. The pH is more alkaline, unlike most other toothpastes which are usually acidic. Other ingredients added like Tea Tree Oil, myrrh and neem that act as natural preservatives and cleaners.

Comes in a convenient 90 mL tube (OK for air travel in carry-on bags)

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