Paying Attention to Your Thyroid: 3 Signs You Might Need a Supplement


For most of us, we’ve heard the word “thyroid” frequently over the past year. Now a buzz word in the health and wellness industry, it’s not hard to find a long list of products with the promise of “adjusting” or “boosting” or “supporting” your thyroid health. But how do you know if you need the extra “boost”?

According to experts, the health of your thyroid is essential in your overall quality of life. When it’s working right, you feel and look great, filled with energy and at a healthy weight. But, when it’s not functioning, your thyroid can actually be the cause of a long list of health problems. The issue with this long list is knowing when it’s actually your thyroid, and when it’s something different.


If you have a feeling that something might be off with your thyroid, or that it could use some support, here are three signs to look for that might indicate you’re right:


1.    You feel fatigued even after several night’s of more than adequate sleep (8 to 10 hours). Although naps can be a healthy part of your routine, feeling like you need one even when you’re well-rested could be a sign that your thyroid isn’t functioning properly.


2.    Your neck feels swollen. When you touch your thyroid glands in your neck, do they feel swollen? Although this can be hard to gauge (especially if you’ve never paid much attention to your thyroid before), typically people have a sense that something feels “larger” than it should. Snoring and experiencing a hoarse voice regularly are also signs of a swollen, improperly functioning thyroid.


3.    You constantly feel cold. If your hands and feet are often cold, especially when other people’s aren’t, it could be a sign that your thyroid needs some help. You can monitor your body temperature regularly for more insight; if it’s consistently below 98.5 then there’s a fairly good chance it has something to do with the health of your thyroid.


With estimates that show nearly 25 million Americans struggle with a thyroid problem, typically hypothyroidism, or a less active thyroid than normal. In order to know for sure, a blood test performed by a functional medicine doctor is highly recommended.

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