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Organic NOW Better Stevia Liquid Extract [60mL]

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  • Zero-Calorie Natural Liquid Sweetener

Delicious BetterStevia® Organic Liquid is an excellent addition to your favorite beverages and is especially suited for sweetening coffees and teas - just a few drops is all you need to add a burst of flavored sweetness to any beverage, hot or cold! BetterStevia® Organic Liquid is now in a new convenient flip-top plastic bottle that makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount of BetterStevia® with no leaking and no mess. These attractive new bottles are lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

NOW® BetterStevia® is a zero-calorie, low glycemic, natural sweetener that makes a perfectly healthy substitute for table sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Unlike chemical sweeteners, NOW® BetterStevia® contains a certified organic stevia extract. NOW Foods takes special measures to preserve Stevia s natural qualities in this unique, better-tasting stevia.

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