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Organic Inari Ouinoa Sprouted [450g]

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Size: 450g

Quinoa is a source of many nutrients, but as with other seeds, it contains phytate, oxalate, insoluble fibre, polyphenols and other compounds known to limit the absorption of minerals (e.g. zinc, iron and calcium). Sprouting seeds helps counteract these negative effects. The traditional practice of soaking and germinating foods has been used for centuries, but has fallen out of favour in our time-strapped, industrialized society. Growing scientific knowledge of how sprouting reduces nutrient inhibition and increases the bioavailability of specific nutrients has lead to a recent resurgence of this ancient practice.



Sprouted, Organic Quinoa



Rinse quinoa. Allow 1 part quinoa to simmer in 1 ½ parts water for approximately 10 minutes or until water is absorbed or desired consistency is reached.

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