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Organic Algonquin Teas Peace [16 bags]

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Size: 16 bags

Peace Tea instills the tranquility, patience and beauty of the earth. This rich, bittersweet blend grounds us in a flowing meadow of healing herbs. Peace Tea is ideal for calming down before, during or after any busy period.

We also associate Peace Tea with our porcupine friend because he was so trusting and gentle, falling asleep at a moment s notice in the sun, on Kim s belly or Steven s head!

Our herbs are ethically hand-harvested in the Boreal forest, or by canoe along the shores of pristine rivers and lakes, or grown on organic farms. As a result our herbs are some of the purest and most vibrant available in the world. Our indigenous people have long understood that plants collaborate with our body and spirit s natural ability to maintain good health. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: blue vervain**, lemon balm*, catnip*, oat straw*, bergamot*, chamomile*, hops*, motherwort*, valerian*, skullcap*, St John s wort*. *Organic ** Ethically wildcrafted

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