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Natural extract which is used for strengthening and protecting the liver
Product Code: 254785D
MILK THISTLE is a bitter tasting herb, that is reputed to be one of the best herbs for protecting the liver from overload of toxic chemicals. It works as well in animals as it does in humans. Liver disease is the fourth most common cause of death in USA & Canada. Diseases such as cancer, high blood - L.D.L cholesterol levels and chronic bowel problems are significantly improved by Milk Thistles liver protecting and enhancing properties.
* If this item shows as Out of Stock, please call our office to arrange a special order, as this item is not a regularly-stocked item.  
**PLEASE NOTE:  We offer special pricing for quantities over 100 bottles, however this is a made-to-order request.  Please email or call our office 1-800-661-8364 to arrange your bulk order for this product.
***This product is also available in 100mL size - please check our catalog.

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