Mike Cabana
Assistant Commissioner
Federal and International Operations.
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
1200 Vanier Parkway
Ottawa, ON  K1A OR2

Dear Mr. Cabana,

 Your suggestion that we refer our complaints about RCMP misconduct to the Commission for Public Complaints (CPC) is unacceptable.   What can the CPC do after the fact if one of your trigger-happy recruits has an accidental discharge with fatal consequences while threatening an innocent person?

              Your police force has been raiding the homes and business of people who are not guilty of any crime.  You have been doing so on the basis of warrants that were obtained by Health Canada under false pretences.  These raids have subjected innocent people to unreasonable search and seizure, in violation of their rights under the Canadian Bill of Rights and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  In other words, Health Canada agents have induced the RCMP to be their unwitting partners in committing crimes against the Canadian people.

              It is not a crime to sell vitamins and dietary supplements.  It is not a crime to sell safe products which may not conform to Health Canada’s self-made regulations.  Regulations do not have the power of law.  There is no judge in his right mind who would issue a warrant to seize products that contain 2 mg. more than a reference amount of a particular vitamin.  Instead, the Health Canada agent misrepresents the situation by falsely claiming to be acting on a complaint from the public and/or by claiming that she has reason to believe that the person is selling “unapproved drugs”.   

              Your officers who carry out these unlawful raids have been misled into believing they are going on a “drug bust”.  They arrive with battering rams at the ready and pointing guns in the faces of whoever answers the door.  Once the real reason for the raid is discovered, your officers typically exclaim in shock, “What, you only sell vitamins here?”  Some of these officers are so embarrassed that they refuse to give their batch numbers when asked.

              Health Canada’s unlawful raids have destroyed businesses and careers, and have deprived consumers of safe products they use to maintain their health.  The RCMP’s naivety about Health Canada’s intentions has made your police force a co-partner in committing these crimes.  Perhaps the CPC may get you off the hook by saying that your police were “just following orders.”  But will your conscience?



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 Yours most sincerely,

 Robert K. Jefferson


Dietary Supplement Protective Union

1 Yonge St., (Ste. 1801), Toronto, ON  M1E 5W7