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First aid spray used to treat skin wounds and irritations.
Product Code: 5DM108
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Size: 8oz / 250 mL refill bottle (no spray tip)
A convenient first aid spray for all kinds of skin irritations including scrapes, scratches, cuts, bruises, burns, bites, wounds, cold sores, and blisters. Spray frequently as needed on the affected area for soothing relief.  Speeds wound healing.  Excellent for both humans and animals, large and small. Natural, non-toxic ingredients.  Contains effective ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Red Alder, Tea Tree Oil, Echinacea.  It is an anti-septic, anti-inflammatory spray and has hundreds of uses.  A must-have for everyone in their home, camping gear, and even in the vehicle. 

**This is an 8oz refill only.  It does not have a spray tip and is meant to refill the 2oz bottle with spray tip* 

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