Good For You - Good For Life

Good For You Canada Corp is a family operated business and has been marketing health-related products for nearly 30 years.  Randy Widmer has lectured on how to maintain good health and overcome disease in many countries throughout the world. Good For You markets products in over 30 different countries.

Our unique products are of the highest quality possible.They are introduced within a three-fold approach to superior health. This approach addresses the major concerns of our time: nutritional deficiency, cellular contamination and being overweight. 
The human body is a marvelous biological machine. It strives to maintain the fine balance of life despite the uses or abuses it is subjected to daily. Our bodies have the same basic needs as a machine: maintenance, proper care, and fuels. 

Personal health is fundamental to our well being because no machine will continue to run if constantly abused. We combine the best of both worlds. By relying on the wisdom of the ages and the innovation of modern scientific technology, we have conceived a unique line of products to enhance the health of everyone. And as scientists and scholars have proven, lasting health is the framework for a happy and prosperous life.