Based on leaked information, sources from the Dietary Supplement Protective Union (DSPU) have indicated that Health Canadas NHP Regulations have cost Canadian Taxpayers over 1 $Billion (that's Billion, with a B!) And guess how many Canadians lives they have saved? Exactly zero! You see, you cant get any less than zero, which was the number of 
Canadian deaths on record attributed to use of a natural health product when the NHPR started. That number is still zero. (Perhaps this helps explain why the NHP Directorate is having its funding dramatically slashed.) 
In addition to wasting taxpayers dollars, the NHPR have removed around 50,000 NHPs from store shelves, i.e. retail product choices Canadians had when the NHPR started in 2004. Many were excellent, effective U.S. products, which had been sold here for decades, but have since been pulled out of Canada, or blocked at the border. Tens of thousands more Canadian products have either been directly denied licenses, (including such products as parsley), or discontinued voluntarily because they had no hope of being licensed, and/or because the regulations rendered them financially unfeasible. 
Not only has this needlessly resulted in countless billions being spent in the United States on cross-border shopping, it has put many companies and individuals in harm's way, as the NHPD proceeds with its agendas. These are reflected in NHPR policies such as those regarding digestive enzymes, now threatening the existence of products that people absolutely depend on for their wellness, (not to mention the companies that produce them.) 
And the real kicker is that the entire fiasco could easily be judged to be lacking any basis in law, because (1) there is no act of Parliament that grants Health Canada the authority to regulate dietary supplements; it just doesn't exist. And (2), as has been pointed out so eloquently by Prime Minister Harper: Health is a provincial jurisdiction. Just because the Provinces are not addressing an area does not give Ottawa the legal right to fill it. And with zero deaths on record, dietary supplements do not meet the criteria to be dealt with at a federal criminal level. It is simply not a criminal matter. As the name Natural Health Products would imply, it is a health and wellness issue, and that folks, means it is a provincial jurisdiction. 
Furthermore, if the regulations are illegal, and always have been, is Health Canada liable for damages? Damages such as those they have caused in their numerous totalitarian-style, guns-drawn raids on companies that supply only NHPs and, YES, this has happened numerous times in Canada. (See:  or
The NHP Regulations are right up there with the Gun Registry in terms of being a massively expensive and unwanted bureaucratic exercise that produces minimal tangible benefit. Yet the NHP Regulations have the added distinction of exerting harmful effects on stakeholders, especially you the consumer. 
The sad part is that had Health Canada remained content with simply mandating compulsory Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), and testing of ingredients for purity and potency, this situation could have produced the results that everyone including producers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers were hoping for i.e. product quality assurance without damaging a vibrant and needed industry. 

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